I got a chance to visit with Smokey Bear at my book signing.  He’s so pleased with how the bears are handled in Yosemite.  Problem bears are numbered, and fitted with a special radio collar which alerts rangers should one visit a campsites.  A paintball gun help discourage campground foraging.

This program and the campground bear boxes are working so well, that you seldom see a bear in Yosemite, except in the wild, which is as it should be. Gone are the days when you could visit the dump at night and watch the bears eat scraps and lick out tin cans—a very unhealthy diet for bears.  You can also rent a bear-proof canister for overnight hikes which protects your food and your safety in the back country.

I am very excited to get to visit Yosemite for a few days of camping in mid June with my daughter and grandkids.  Perhaps I will get inspired to do some writing for my newest novel which is set on apple farm/Christmas tree farm in northern California.

Blessings, PatIMG_4624