Buttermilk Falls Trilogy

Book 1

Lonesome Mountain


When her great-aunt Daffodil dies, Lizzy unexpectedly inherits “Sweet Apple Farm” near the town of Buttermilk Falls in Northern California—the spot where she spent an idyllic summer as a child.

She hires Gabe to repair the farmhouse and bonds with his timid daughter, Chloe, as a stray dog shows up, a runaway illegal faces an uncertain fate, and a mysterious light on the mountain hints at trouble.


Book 2

Lost Lake


Leaving the rodeo circuit and his drinking behind, Wyatt Long has settled in a cabin on the quiet
shores of Lost Lake. When his pa, Rowdy Long, who abandoned him as a child, shows up unexpectedly in Buttermilk Falls, forgiveness is far from certain. Wyatt buys some run-down hunter’s cabins to restore as a lakeside resort, and helps Amy, the
town’s vet, unravel the mystery of her pet crow, Inky’s found jewelry.


Book 3

The Old Mill


Kyle Anderson, fresh out of college, takes a train to get away from all he’s become. In Buttermilk Falls, he discovers an old mill that would make a fine restaurant. Retired rodeo cowboy Rowdy Long pictures an old-fashioned soda fountain there, but neither has the money to make it happen. The orphaned boy Max gets mixed up with a skeleton in a cellar and an abandoned copper mine. Can they somehow pull together, giving each other a second chance?


Other Books

Secrets of Sandpiper Cove  BUY NOW

The salt air bristled with lightning as Rachel stepped nervously out onto the precarious widow’s walk of the old lighthouse. Suspended between earth and sky, she scanned the angry, wind-whipped sea for any sign of the man whose marriage proposal she’d just refused.

Rachel battles to make a future for herself and her young daughter, Angela, by turning her Grand-Papa’s old Victorian into a bed and breakfast. But disturbing revelations shake her confidence.

Against the backdrop of a vast and eternal sea, shadowed by the worst kind of betrayal, can Rachel triumph over her fear that love breaks all its promises?

Ojai—Pink Moment Promises  BUY NOW

The simplicity of Ojai farm girl Meggie Baxter’s life is shattered when she must choose between loyalty to her rough-hewn friend, Rusty, and the dashing Charles.

Amid tragedy and loss, Meggie clings to the promise of God’s love. The “pink moment,” the evening sunset casting a rosy hue like a prayer across the Topa Topa Mountains, points her again and again to faith and courage.

Midst the idyllic beauty of the Ojai Valley and the crushing forces of change, will Meggie stay true to her roots? Will the sacrifice sparing Rusty’s life be enough, or will fate destroy it all?

Yosemite—One Last Golden Summer     BUY NOW

Colby was born and raised in Yosemite. Desperate for healing, he returns to the “granite womb” as a park ranger. The summer is both a homecoming and a last chance to reconnect with his estranged son, Jake.

Skylar’s husband has gone missing in the park’s backcountry. Facing an uncertain future, she tries to put the past behind her as she spearheads a project to restore the crumbling Wawona Hotel fountain.

Yosemite, dominated by iconic Half Dome, holds both danger and promise. Can Colby and Skylar find in each other, the healing grace of this one last golden summer?

So You Want to be a Landlord?     BUY NOW

A Practical and Humorous How-to Book for the Rental Owner

Do you want to invest in real estate but worry about how to manage property or deal with tenants? Why make your own costly mistakes when you can learn from mine?

After being a landlord for over 30 years, I can tell you what not to do. I have the stories to prove it. I teach you to anticipate some of the problems in areas like guests, pets, rents and evictions. “Getting it Right” sections spell out how to keep your sanity.

This easy-to-read landlording guide, with a sense of humor, will make winners of both you and your tenants.