With Christmas right around the corner, everyone’s on the hunt. For the perfect Christmas tree, yes, but also for the ultimate historical or modern fiction novel that stirs their imagination and gives them something to look forward to in 2021.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect Christmas read, we’ve done the legwork for you. “Lonesome Mountain” is the first instalment of Patricia Hartmann’s trilogy of novels. The page-turning novel is set in Buttermilk Falls—a small mountain town where everybody knows your name and your business. Join Lizzy as she unexpectedly inherits “Sweet Apple Farm” and navigates the ebbs and flows of life that follow.

But why should “Lonesome Mountain” top your Christmas reading list this year? Find out.

It Paints a Beautiful Picture of Buttermilk Falls in Northern California

Buttermilk Falls isn’t your average town; it’s a sight for sore eyes. As Patricia Hartmann breathes life into the landscape, you’ll be transported to the tranquil, visually satiating, and friendly town that’s impossible to forget.

Follow Lizzy as she basks in the serenity of her surroundings and embarks on one adventure after the other. Hartmann makes even the most routine chores sound like mini excursions by meticulously describing each detail.

“Lizzy climbed the apple trees, and with sweet-tart juice dripping from a mouthful of crunchy fruit, she learned the difference between a Pink Lady and a Braeburn. She walked the Christmas tree farm on the north edge of the property, breathing in the warm pitchy air, while Aunt Daffy showed her how to stake baby pine tree seedlings. She helped milk the cow, pulled weeds, planted lettuce and ate sun-ripened tomatoes right off the vine. Under Aunt Daffy’s tutelage, she built water wheels in the creek and made apricot jam. They turned cucumbers into tart green pickles, packed into Mason jars, and covered in vinegar mixed with sweet smelling spices.

At night, they read books together, played checkers, knitted scarves, and baked persimmon cookies with walnuts. Daffodil played old records on the phonograph and they danced until they collapsed in a heap of giggles.”

With a mug of hot cocoa in hand and a warm blanket wrapped around your body, you’ll be transported to Buttermilk Falls and vicariously relish Lizzy’s adventures.

It Piques Your Curiosity With Every Page

“Lonesome Mountain” isn’t just a visual treat; it’s packed with unexpected turns that keep you engaged till the very end. When Lizzy hires Gabe to repair the farmhouse, she gets a chance to bond with his timid daughter, Chloe.

However, things take an unexpected turn.

As the mysterious light on the mountain hints at trouble, Lizzy finds herself struggling to make sense of the turbulence that enters her life and lingers like a guest who overstays their welcome.

It Brings You Face to Face With the Power of Destiny

As you follow Lizzy on her journey to navigating the complexities that follow, you’ll be taken aback by the sheer power of destiny. Sometimes, letting nature take its course is the best thing you can do. Instead of continually intervening and struggling to fit the pieces of the puzzle where you think they belong, it’s best to let them fall into place on their own, at their own pace, in their own way. And as you let go, you’ll learn to live simply and love deeply.

“Gabe stepped back from the newly-carved mantelpiece for Lizzy’s farmhouse. The rich patina of the salvaged oak slab was a good fit with the river rock. Looked as if it had been there since the beginning… or should have been. Live Simply, Love Deeply. Not a bad motto for a farm… or a life.”

If you’re not ready to part with the excerpts of “Lonesome Mountain,” click here to read Chapter 2 in its entirety.

Looking for more inspiration? Browse through Patricia Hartmann’s collection of gripping, empowering, and moving modern fiction and historical romance novels. Her body of work is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.