Romance is a genre that’s often overlooked for being frivolous, feminine, and fantastical, spinning narratives of great love stories and adventures—you know, the stuff of legend, as they say.

But there’s so much more to reading romance novels than we realize. It’s one of the most emotionally and mentally fulfilling activities anyone can partake in, for the simple reason that it offers a wonderful escape and a glimpse of reality simultaneously.

No matter what you’re going through or how tough your life is at the moment, whether you’re dealing with grief, loss, heartache, or all of the above, romance novels give you a lot to hold on to.

You almost always have a happy ending to look forward to

With the kind of tragedy and trauma we’re surrounded by every day, it’s no shock that we all seek a sense of comfort and positivity. Historical romance novels are known for their insights into each character’s motivation—which is why they’re lovely. 

No matter what tragedy or heartache comes their way, your heroes and heroines will almost always end up together. The happy ending is a light at the end of the tunnel, giving us something to constantly look forward to.

The sense of hope is both internal and external, however. You could be coping with the most tragic losses of your life, or struggling with stress, politics, or anything in the outside world, and find a sense of comfort and escape.

A couple reads a romance novel together on a date.

There’s a lot of excitement along the journey of getting there

Romance novels are about exploring characters’ stories, journeys, and their plight over the years. You want to explore more romance novels for the journey, not the destination. How the protagonists meet in the middle of Ojai, or their journey of experiencing Yosemite, the sights, sounds, the lifestyle, the villains, the dangers, are all part of the journey.

The excitement isn’t in knowing the endings; it lies in falling in love with every character, understanding the story, seeing all the obstacles their love overcomes and understanding yourself better through it too—the how outweighs the what as we lose ourselves in these characters’ lives and stories. You have a chance to witness how characters develop, and how the world around them changes, in light of political, social, and economic growth.

You see different types of love, romance, and relationships.

Romance novels give readers a chance to introspect, relate, and reflect. These novels create believable, realistic, moving stories that give people a chance to escape their difficult lives. You’ll see older couples, young couples, people of color, lifelong romances, purely Christian romances, historical romance, modern couples, and many other types of people in romance novels.

It’s a chance for people to see themselves and their stories represented and celebrated for the world to see. Where other genres are a lot more guarded and exclusive, romance opens up a world of opportunity for couples in the plight of love, as they deal with complexities, tragedies, and heartache of all kinds.

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