When was the last time you cracked open a romance novel and dog-eared it within the first ten minutes? Can’t remember? That’s because it rarely happens to anyone. Romance novels are known to put readers in a trance. Transfixed and eager for more, they rarely put down their novel within the first thirty minutes.

If you’re looking for more romance novels to get lost in this year, we’ve rounded up our favorites to help you get started!

1. The Ojai: Pink Moment Promises

The Ojai: Pink Moment Promises by Patricia Hartmann

Looking for the perfect historical romance novel that replays in your mind for years to come? Patricia Hartmann’s “The Ojai: Pink Moment Promises” is a captivating read that explores the beautiful and raw themes of faith, courage, tragedy, loss, and change. Transport yourself to the idyllic Ojai Valley as you follow farm girl Meggie Baster on her journey to self-discovery through eight decades of life.

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2. Yosemite: One Last Golden Summer

Yosemite: One Last Golden Summer by Patricia Hartmann

Another one of Hartmann’s popular historical romance novels, “Yosemite: One Last Golden Summer” is a treat for romance novel aficionados. A beautiful kaleidoscope of love, healing, and reconnection, the novel follows Colby and Skylar on their journey to finding themselves and each other in Yosemite.

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3. Secrets of Sandpiper Cove

Secrets of Sandpiper Cove by Patricia Hartmann

If you’re looking for a contemporary romance novel that takes your breath away with its beautiful imagery and narration, “Secrets of Sandpiper Cove” is for you. The inspirational novel follows Rachel’s journey to making a future for herself and her young daughter, Angela. Her strength, resilience, and courage leave a powerful impact on readers. Set against the backdrop of an eternal sea that promises so much in all its entirety and depth, the novel explores Rachel’s battles with betrayal and loss of hope.

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Here’s an excerpt:

“Rachel turned away from the ocean, her shoulders sagging. Inhaling a deep breath of moist salt air, she recited Grand-Papa’s maxim. Never run from the hard thing. The time of the hard thing was at hand, and she was determined to face it head-on.”

4. Lonesome Mountain

Lonesome Mountain by Patricia Hartmann

Explore the themes of companionship, love, and serendipity from unique angles that you never knew existed. Patricia Hartmann’s gripping romance novel, “Lonesome Mountain,” is an enchanting tale of resilience, happenstance, and fate. Follow Lizzy as she spends an idyllic summer with her eccentric aunt, explores the secrets of Buttermilk Falls, and comes into her own.

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Explore Patricia Hartmann’s full collection of romance novels to find your favorites. Feel free to get in touch with her team for more information. Her body of work is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.