The skills and emotional tools you develop as you grow older play a massive part in your life’s journey. The more you hone them, the more likely you are to open yourself up to new opportunities and greet change with a brave face.

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that life is incredibly unpredictable. As we trudge on and hope that the coming year is kinder to us, here are some personal development skills that you should instill in yourself to make the shift into the new year easier.

Stand Up For Yourself

It’s very easy to sideline your needs and let things go if you’re a non-confrontational person. After all, sweeping things under the rug is far easier. However, this leaves you vulnerable to getting hurt and being taken advantage of. It’s important to voice your discomfort, especially when you’re not at fault.

In Ojai – Pink Moment Promises, a modern fiction novel written by Patricia Hartmann, we see Meggie Baxter finally standing up to her aunt. And although she does it by her gravesite, the story proves that it is never too late to stand up for what you believe in and gain closure. Here’s a snippet of the conversation.

‘”Aunt Rose, you’ve been a thorn in my side all my born days. I’ve been stung and pricked by your tongue more times than I can count.” Meggie touched a sharp thorn on the long stem. “I’ve always thought you were misnamed. A rose indeed.” She brought the flower to her nose and inhaled the delicate scent. “Where was your sweetness amid the thorns?”

Meggie stood, looking down at the rounded mound of freshly turned earth. “You said your biting comments were for my own good. But they weren’t. They were for you. A way to make you feel superior. A way to put me and Ma in our place.'”

Be Self Confident

Whether personal or professional, the confidence you exhibit in your life can pave the way for all kinds of opportunities. It shows that you believe in yourself and that you’re not afraid to push yourself when the time calls for it.

Leaving doubt in your heart about your abilities is incredibly dangerous. It leaves you in a downward spiral that evokes feelings of negativity. It’s important to always look back at the place you were once in and how much you’ve learned and progressed since then. It’s a far better strategy than comparing yourself to others.

Be Appreciative

Life is as picture-perfect as you make it. That’s why it’s important to be appreciative of all the blessings you have, because you never know how long they’ll be by your side. Whether it’s friends, family, or the beautiful world around you, it’s always helpful to stop and take a quick glance at all that you’ve been blessed with.

Patricia Hartmann continually reminds her readers of the gorgeous beauty surrounding her characters in Ojai – Pink Moment Promises. Reading descriptive stories with gorgeous scenery helps you learn how to spot the beauty of nature that engulfs your world as well. Here is a snippet of Meggie finding the blessing within a stormy evening.

Meggie looked out the window through falling ribbons of water at the shiny wet leaves of the huge old English oak that stretched its limbs protectively over the porch. The rain pounded on the roof and muddy rivulets flowed through the corrals and across the front of the barn. A warm fire burned in the wood stove. Meggie could smell a hearty vegetable soup simmering on top. Wags slept on his braided rag rug against the wainscoted back wall. His legs twitched in some doggie dream. The tabby cat stretched and circled in the corner chair. Home was a good place to be in a storm.”

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