When was the last time you had a good cry? Or you felt a surge of emotions for a tragic story? Did you fall in love with the hero of a story and feel your heart break when you put the book down?

This is the power of a good romance novel like the Lonesome Mountain book. It transports you to a different world and shows you a new side of life that you never knew existed.

If you’re not sure why you should read more romance novels, we have a few recommendations and reasons to give you the push you need:

They’re full of emotional ups and downs. 

Nothing walks you through your emotions like a romance novel. It’s the perfect cure to an emotional wall; when you need a good laugh, a heaving cry, to drown out the world, to find an escape. Romance novels explore the characters’ journeys or triumphs and tragedies, their struggles, emotional upheavals, and key moments in their lives for the duration of the book. The more deeply invested you are, the more heightened your emotional response and ability to empathize, be more vulnerable, and stay open.

Reading can be a joyful experience, as can be seen for this woman.

Each character is unique and has their struggles

The reason you feel so deeply moved by these stories is in your connection with these complex, unique, and intelligent characters who are so unabashedly themselves. It’s hard not to fall in love with someone whose struggles you see, whose inner monologues, and external dialogues you hear. When you peer inside their mind, you’re more likely to feel for them. 

In reading their stories, you begin to see characters like yourself, or people you know, or even people you’ve never come across. From a dairy farmer who’s in love to a young widow seeking a second shot at happiness, you’re exposed to the complexities and inner workings of dozens of people within a few hundred pages.

You get a chance to reflect on your own relationships.

Sometimes it takes looking from the outside in to reflect on our relationships. Reading teaches us and gives us a wealth of knowledge. Sometimes that knowledge is about ourselves and what we’re looking for; our expectations, desires, ideals, and experiences can all come through in how we respond and react to stories.

Sometimes romance novels can tell us things about ourselves that we never knew, through the eyes of another character. Our fears, worries, anxieties, apprehensions all manifest in another’s fictional story but can serve as an important point of reflection.

Treat yourself to a beautifully written romance novel, and get transported through Ojai CA, with our historical romance novels, or pick up something more contemporary to relate to. Whichever romance novel you choose to buy online, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Reach out to us and let us know how you feel!