For decades, centuries, and eons, a mother’s love has been celebrated, cherished, and revered like no other. If you’re still close to your mother and have a beautiful bond that you’re proud of, you have so much to be grateful for.

Many people have lost their mothers, are unable to connect with them, or don’t have the same supportive foundation. As one of the most painful realities of life, not experiencing the magnitude of a mother’s love can be extremely jarring. If you’re one of the lucky few who are showered by their mother’s love, you’re fortunate beyond measure.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this connection so special, and a mother’s love so beautiful.

1. The Little Things

A mother’s love is selfless and overflowing to a fault. An empathetic, caring, and kind mother often sacrifices for her child’s contentment and well-being. The extent of love is reflected in the meticulousness of even the smallest actions. From decorating a son’s birthday cake with the utmost attention-to-detail to making the minutest stitches to a daughter’s shiny soft blue taffeta gown, a mother goes all out to ensure everything’s special for her child.

In The Ojai—Pink Moment Promises, Patricia Hartmann highlights this very commitment. She tells the story of farm girl Meggie Baxter as she navigates different stages of her life. Meggie’s mother’s love becomes evident as the story unravels.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Tonight she would see Charles at the Thacher Christmas Party. Meggie pictured herself there, clinging to the warmth of Charles’ arm. The shimmering deep blue of her formal gown matching the color of her eyes.

She and Mama had spent hours stitching the dress by hand from expensive yard goods and the latest Sears Roebuck pattern. Meggie could still see the shiny soft blue taffeta spread across Mama’s lap as she bent to make small, even stitches in the fabric. Mama’s golden hair, escaping from its tortoise shell combs, fell in soft tendrils around her face.

Side by side, she and Mama had worked to fashion the iridescent fabric into a tight bodice and flowing skirt that cascaded gracefully to the floor. The pearls, carefully clipped from a castoff mourning dress Mama had found at the church rummage sale, had a very tiny center hole for threading through.

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2. Putting Her Children First

a mother and daughter having a heartfelt conversation on the steps leading up to elementary school

Take a quick trip down memory lane. Can you recall the number of times your mother scarified her own happiness for your pleasure? The selflessness that’s embedded deep within the layers of a mother’s love is strong enough to shake the tectonic plates of the earth.

A mother puts her children’s contentment, comfort, and safety first. Her affirmations, actions, and behavior reflect the depth of her selflessness.

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3. Endless Support

Among the many facts of a mother’s love, her endless support vividly stands out. A generous mother is always ready to be there for her child. Whether it’s their first baseball game or something as harrowing as a divorce, a supportive mother shows up and ensures her child knows that they’re loved, cared for, and valued. She offers them the emotional support they need to navigate the challenges of life and come out stronger on the other side.

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In Secrets of Sandpiper Cove, Patricia Hartmann recounts the story of Rachel, a young woman who struggles to come to terms with the true measure of her mother’s love. As she battles the adversity in her life, she stumbles upon new revelations that help her recognize how much her mother loved her.

The loss of her parents seemed so long ago. Only on nights like this, when exhaustion overwhelmed her, did Rachel let her thoughts wander to her father’s sickbed and her mother’s fateful choice. The empty hospital bed and the lonesome high bluffs outside the old Victorian’s window. The high cliffs calling.

After all this time, Rachel still wasn’t sure of the true measure of her mother’s love, or the meaning of that final goodbye. Worse yet, she was still tormented by her own part in it. She bit back the lump crowding her throat and blinked away the unwanted rush of tears. Longing wouldn’t bring them back.

Why is there so much pain associated with the memory of her parents? Does she overcome it? And how does the rest of her journey unravel? Continue reading to uncover the hidden secrets that help Rachel see things from a different perspective.

Looking for more inspiration? Patricia Hartmann’s powerful modern and historical fiction romance novels are replete with deeper insights into love, faith, resilience, reconnection, hope, and forgiveness. Her collection comprises The Ojai—Pink Moment Promises, Yosemite—One Last Golden Summer, Secrets of Sandpiper Cove, Lonesome Mountain, and Lost Lake.