Strong. Resilient. Empathetic.

As one of the most lovable characters of Patricia Hartmann’s novels, Meggie Baxter makes a lasting impression on readers. If you’re considering reading Hartmann’s powerful historical fiction novel, “The Ojai—Pink Moment Promises,” make sure you’re well-acquainted with the central character.

Here’s a roundup of three valuable lessons you can learn from Meggie Baxter.

1. Embrace Change With Open Arms

If you’re a creature of habit, you’re most likely averse to change. Whether it’s good or bad, change has a tendency of taking people by surprise until they begin to acclimatize to it. And when the change is clearly unfavorable, we don’t hold back in bemoaning our luck.

Meggie’s ability to welcome change with open arms is both endearing and empowering. While cautious and slightly apprehensive at first, rightfully so, she eventually lets fate take over and lead her where she’s meant to be.

As she waves the simplicity of her life goodbye and navigates new ups and downs, she’s hopeful despite the incredible loss she has faced in her past. Amid tragedy and uncertainty, Meggie firmly clings onto the promise of God’s love. As the crushing forces of change convolute her life, she holds on patiently.

2. Persevere in the Face of Adversity

While Meggie is open to change, she repeatedly struggles to grapple with the seemingly insurmountable adversity in her life. She’s human, and her perfectly imperfect flaws become more evident as the novel progresses.

However, it’s her ability to persevere in the face of adversity that uplifts the reader. After living through a global pandemic—the Spanish Flu contagion—and facing countless more obstacles in life, she’s still up for a fight, ready to take on her responsibilities.

This excerpt beautifully captures her resilience after a brief moment of demoralization:

“The tear-streaked face of her youngest brother rose in her mind. Taddy was alive. He needed her. Even so… she was tired… so tired. Endless work and responsibility lay ahead… a load too overwhelming to lift.

“Falling down doesn’t make you a failure… but staying down does.” Papa’s words played in Meggie’s mind at this cemetery crossroads.

Meggie forced herself to sit up, folding her legs under her. She took a deep breath, inhaling the fragrance of the small mountain lilac bundle laying on the grave. The sun warming her back spoke of life. She grabbed a handful of tawny brown Ojai dirt and let it trickle through her fingers. The soil was warm and rich, like the land at home on their farm—fertile, familial, and full of promise.”

3. Asking for Forgiveness Isn’t a Sign of Weakness

While Meggie is passionate and determined, she doesn’t let her ego get in the way. Her humility is brought to light time and again. Despite having moments of lapses, she holds her family and friends in high regard. Ultimately, it’s her ability to ask for forgiveness that helps her overcome countless barriers and become stronger as a result.

“Please sit down, Rusty. I need to talk to you.”

“What fer?” Rusty asked. “Haven’t I handed you enough grief already?”

Meggie winced at the reminder. Then she squared her shoulders and reached out to touch his arm. “I’m sorry, Rusty. I’d not call saying those awful things to you. I was in such pain… losing Chase… ” Tears built behind her eyes. “I just lashed out. Can you ever forgive me?”

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