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“Lonesome Mountain” book signing January 13, 2018. 1:00 pm at the Ojai Library

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I will be presenting my newest novel “Lonesome Mountain” at a book signing and reading at the Ojai Library on Saturday, January 13th at 1:00 pm.  I’d love to see you there as I read from the book and share some personal stories about running a Christmas Tree Farm and living in a small town that inspired my latest story.  A nice way to reconnect and shake off the ashes from the recent Thomas Fire.  My hometown of Ojai is a miracle, spared by God from a ring of fire that grew to become the largest fire in California history.  I feel so very grateful and blessed to still have a house and to be with my warm small town community.

Blessings,  Pat


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Yosemite Camping Trip

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Pat with Grandchildren Danika and Cody

After spending the last two years writing my Yosemite novel, what a joy it was to camp in Yosemite with my daughter Kim and two grandchildren, Danika and Cody, just after my novel was published.  This is the fourth generation of my family to enjoy the park, which is truly a living treasure.

We had great fun camping, hiking, biking, and of course roasting marshmallows for s’mores over the campfire.  The falls are low, due to California’s drought, but beautiful nevertheless. Bears are roaming the campgrounds, so no food is left out of the bear boxes.

Many of my readers are just finishing my book now as vacation reading.  They say that they feel they have been on an idyll in Yosemite through the pages of my book.  “I didn’t want it to end,”  said one reader.  “I didn’t see that coming,” said another, about an unexpected plot twist.

I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings, Pat 


Granite Cliffs in Yosemite

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Smokey Bear Loves Yosemite

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I got a chance to visit with Smokey Bear at my book signing.  He’s so pleased with how the bears are handled in Yosemite.  Problem bears are numbered, and fitted with a special radio collar which alerts rangers should one visit a campsites.  A paintball gun help discourage campground foraging.

This program and the campground bear boxes are working so well, that you seldom see a bear in Yosemite, except in the wild, which is as it should be. Gone are the days when you could visit the dump at night and watch the bears eat scraps and lick out tin cans—a very unhealthy diet for bears.  You can also rent a bear-proof canister for overnight hikes which protects your food and your safety in the back country.

I am very excited to get to visit Yosemite for a few days of camping in mid June with my daughter and grandkids.  Perhaps I will get inspired to do some writing for my newest novel which is set on apple farm/Christmas tree farm in northern California.

Blessings, PatIMG_4624


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Yosemite Book Signing Blast

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What a blast I had at my Wheeler Gorge book signing! I met lots of great people, from zoo employees to snake handlers, to conservationists.  Smokey the Bear made an appearance, as did a herd of back-packing goats.  My great-grandson Owen tried out the California Condor costume and painted gourds at the craft table.  I talked to many nature lovers who,like me, enjoy the beauty of the Lord’s Yosemite.


Book signing trio

Pat, Granddaughter Rachel, and Great-Grandson Owen at book signing


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Yosemite Novel Book Signing on Saturday May 10th

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Don’t miss my first book signing for my newly released novel, “Yosemite—One last Golden Summer,” on May 10th from 10:00-2:00 at the Wheeler Gorge Visitor’s Center’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.

The mountain setting of Wheeler Gorge is a good fit for the launch of my Yosemite novel in which the park itself is the main character. The reader is immersed in a gripping story amid the beauty of Yosemite with flashbacks to the ionic Glacier Point Firefall, the Tuolumne fishing culture of the 1930-50′s, Yosemite’s Buffalo Soldiers, the Mono Lake bath-salt industry, the art of local Indian basketry, and the rock-climbing history of Camp Four.

It is my trademark to paint the cover art for each of my books, including the Yosemite cover of Half Dome glowing gold at Sunset.  My other novels will also be available at the book signing.  These include my historical fiction novel about Ojai titled, “The Ojai—Pink Moment Promises,” and the beachside romance, “Secrets of Sandpiper Cove.”

This event is perfect for nature lovers and a fun family outing.  The Wheeler Gorge 10th Anniversary Open House will include Smokey the Bear, and exhibits by the Santa Barbara Zoo, the California Condor summer program, the Sierra Club, the Girl Scouts, back packing goats, a Rock & Gem show, ultra-lite hiking & packing, exotic pets (snakes and lizards), and free popcorn.

Upper Yosemite Falls in the Summer.

Upper Yosemite Falls in the Summer.

The Wheeler Gorge Visitor’s Center is located just past the tunnels on Hwy. 33 north of Ojai.

Hope to see you there.       Pat

A video trailer of my Yosemite Novel can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UlgwIcAe00.

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Yosemite book features Julia Parker

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The “Where the Redbud Grows” chapter of my Yosemite novel highlights the intricate Indian basketry of Julia Parker and the warmth and patience with which she passes on the legacy of basket weaving.  Julia spends many hours in the Yosemite Museum demonstrating her craft.  I had the privilege of interviewing her for my book as she shared some secrets.

Julia Parker weaves a basket

Julia Parker weaves a basket


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Yosemite Novel Book Signing

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Hot off the presses!!!  My newest novel “Yosemite—One Last Golden Summer” is now available both as a paperback or eBook.  After two years of research and writing, it’s exciting to have this novel, where Yosemite itself is the main character, available for my readers at last.

For you nature lovers, I will be having my first book-signing on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 from 10:00-2:00 at the Wheeler Gorge Visitor’s Center, located just past the tunnels on Highway 33, north of Ojai.  My book signing will be part of the 10th Anniversary Open House Celebration for the Los Padres Forest Association which includes: Smokey the Bear, the Santa Barbara Zoo, a California Condor program, the Sierra Club, the Girl Scouts, a Rock and Gem show, Ultra-lite hiking and packing, exotic pets (snakes and lizards), and free popcorn.

I’d love to meet with you and share my love of all things Yosemite.  I will also have copies of my Ojai novel available for those who haven’t yet read “The Ojai—Pink Moment Promises, a tale woven around the valley’s colorful history.

Hope to see you there.

Patricia Hartmann

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Yosemite Novel Coming Soon

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Yosemite—One Last Golden Summer is due out in early 2014! Read below for a small preview.

Colby was born and raised in Yosemite. Desperate for healing, he returns to the “granite womb” as a park ranger. The summer is both a homecoming and a last chance to reconnect with his estranged son, Jake.

Skylar’s husband has gone missing in the park’s backcountry. Facing an uncertain future, she tries to put the past behind her as she spearheads a project to restore the crumbling Wawona Hotel fountain.

Yosemite, dominated by iconic Half Dome, holds both danger and promise. Can Colby and Skylar find in each other, the healing grace of this one last golden summer?

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